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Is Java 8 features needed for fresher to crack the interview?

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Is Java 8 features needed for fresher to crack the interview?

Yes ,

The prevalent trend in IT industry projects shows a migration rate of approximately 80-90% towards JDK 8. Hence, during interviews, candidates are commonly asked if they are acquainted with JDK 8 features and if they’ve implemented them in their projects.

One crucial aspects  are the Stream API and Lambda , extensively utilized in both real-time Java project development and testing.

While familiarity with Java 8 features can enhance a fresher’s profile, a strong grasp of fundamental Java concepts such as OOP, data structures, Collection API and problem-solving remains crucial. Demonstrating practical knowledge by applying Java 8 features in projects can significantly enhance a fresher’s preparedness for interviews.

I trust this blog assisted in your preparation for Java 8 interview queries.

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