Courses Offered: Java, Python, Selenium, AWS, Salesforce, DevOps, Angular

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This is not a workshop that focuses on theory. Participants will find the course is loaded with practical workshop and simulations. After taking this Industrial training, your Trainee Employees will be able to build Selenium & Java application faster,that are more scalable, and that are easier to maintain. They will know live project architecture and coding standards.

Working on any profile and those want to work in Java Corporate Training in Pune or Selenium Corporate Training in Pune. Best suited for working manual QA.

Each participant receives both a paper and electronic copy of

  • Book for Java.
  • Detailed Handouts to be used during the lecture portions of the workshop
  • Exercises & Assignments.
  • Scenarios and questions used during the small group critique portions of the session.

Ideally, Participants will have wireless internet access and laptop power at each seat, But the workshop could process without these. We will need a digital projector (for presenters) and a white board to explain concepts with scenarios.

Enrollment can be as per interested candidates.

The workshop has been revised based on their feedback; so, we confidently expect a smooth experience for your company participants.

As per duration and participants candidates.

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